OUR PHILOSOPHY AS PEOPLE AND AS LAWYERS IS TO LIVE FOR OTHERS. We believe that we were put on this earth to serve others using our God-Given talents. We have chosen to do so as trial attorneys. This comes through in the compassionate and friendly way that we communicate with our clients, the aggressive way that we fight against insurance companies and how we meticulously and skillfully prepare for trial. It also shows in our results and the amount of money that we get for our clients. Insurance companies know that we are not afraid of going to trial so they usually offer us higher settlements than they would an attorney who has little to no trial experience.

We do not engage in unethical acts such as ambulance chasing, paying off tow truck drivers, nurses, clinics, etc. in order to get clients because it is wrong and because we don’t need to. Most of our clients come in as referrals from previous clients or other lawyers. They know that their case or client will be handled with the utmost professionalism. We are honored that they trust us with their cases and we encourage you to give us a call. We are not just TRIAL LAWYERS, we are TRIAL EXPERTS. Call us and find out why so many of our previous clients love us and why insurance companies fear us.


Mr. Millares has been practicing law for a very active 14 years. In that time he has established an excellent reputation among clients, judges and peers as evidenced by the many testimonials and honors that he has received. He has handled thousands of cases and has achieved impressive results for his beloved clients. He feels a genuine calling to be an attorney and to take care of those who need his help, especially those cast away or ignored by society. His clients are his number one priority and he makes sure that he and his staff are always friendly, professional and approachable. This is why his office is not in Brickell or Downtown. Parking is scarce and way too expensive there. Our centrally-located office provides a welcoming atmosphere for our clients, complete with lots of free and convenient parking.


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Great attorney. Best service in town, Rafael Millares treats his clients with extreme professionalism and handles his cases with an admirable disposition.

Attorney Frederico Fernandez
Attorney Frederico Fernandez

Mis agradecimientos por la prontitud y profesionalismo con el que actuaron en mi caso. Por la experiencia que he tenido, los recomendare 100%. Muchas gracias.

Juan A Nardo
Juan A Nardo

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