Miami Based ‘Fresh Diet’ Abruptly Closes Without Alerting Employees & Clients

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Miami based ‘The Fresh Diet’ closed on Friday without notice to employees or customers who pre-paid months of meal deliveries in advance. Customers only realized the company was closed after they stopped receiving their meals – even after paying thousands for meal plans.

The closure leaves employees without any certainty about their future including Kelisha Able whose husband is also a driver for the company. “Right now, I am going crazy,” Able said. “We don’t know how we are going to pay our rent, we don’t know how we are going to start for our kids to go back to school, all the bills that we have. Our job is paycheck to paycheck, it’s not like we have a lot in savings.”

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2 thoughts on “Miami Based ‘Fresh Diet’ Abruptly Closes Without Alerting Employees & Clients

  1. Katelyn Daniels Reply

    As a Fresh Diet customer who, incidentally, has paid for deliveries well into the future, I am appalled at the shabby way Fresh Diet has ceased doing business. To just stop deliveries with no warning, to shut down the company’s phone line and to fail to answer e-mails is totally unacceptable. Customers deserve to know what’s going on and we deserve a complete refund for all pre-paid meals that will not be delivered.

  2. Deborah Skolnik Reply

    Do I and Fresh Diet’s many customers have any reliable way to recover our prepayments?

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