Red Light Camera Appealed

Florida Appeals Court Upholds Aventura’s Red-Light Camera Program

The 3rd District Court of Appeal overturned a Miami-Dade County Judge’s ruling against the city of Aventura in a case involving a motorist who received a ticket for an improper right turn. His defense for fighting the ticket is that the city had illegally given “unfettered discretion” to a red-light camera company to review images of potential violations and act upon them.
The new ruling cites that the work American Traffic Solutions, the private contractor, is purely administrative and clerical. They are tasked with the grunt work of sorting through images that may be camera misfires or illegible as well as passing along “good” images to a police officer which will make the decision regarding a citation.

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Fresh Diet Closes - Millares Law

Miami Based ‘Fresh Diet’ Abruptly Closes Without Alerting Employees & Clients

Miami based ‘The Fresh Diet’ closed on Friday without notice to employees or customers who pre-paid months of meal deliveries in advance. Customers only realized the company was closed after they stopped receiving their meals – even after paying thousands for meal plans.

The closure leaves employees without any certainty about their future including Kelisha Able whose husband is also a driver for the company. “Right now, I am going crazy,” Able said. “We don’t know how we are going to pay our rent, we don’t know how we are going to start for our kids to go back to school, all the bills that we have. Our job is paycheck to paycheck, it’s not like we have a lot in savings.”

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Personal Injuries At a Water Park

Man Falls Off A Water Slide Down a Cliff

A fun day at a water park turns serious after a man falls off a slide and down a cliff. While on a water slide in Texas, David Salmon had too much speed going into a turn and he went right over the slide’s edge. Luckily his personal injuries suffered were not life threatening and made it out with a broken arm, fractured ribs and multiple lacerations on his side, back and arms.

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Assault in Miami

Mother Seeking Answers After A Night Out Leaves Son In Coma

A night out in Brickell ended with 20 year old Eduardo Gonzalez admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital on June 18th, he’s been there ever since. Investigators say Gonzalez was hit by a bouncer after asking him to leave several times. The bouncer told police Gonzalez got aggressive with him so he punched him causing him to fall and hit his head. The incident occurred at Rubi Lounge and now his mom is asking police to arrest the gentleman who assaulted her son.

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uber screen shot miami

Uber’s Miami-Dade Fleet Officially Public

The Miami Herald was able to legally obtain documents related to the application for Uber’s license to operate in the county. Turned over by Miami-Dade county officials after Uber allowed the documents to be made public, the application shows Uber’s driver fleet at 9,478 when the form was completed. That number comes in slightly lower than what the company stated previously. By comparison, Lyft’s fleet total was 3,362 as of June 7,2016. As part of the agreement reached, Miami-Dade requires ride-hailing firms to pay $26 per licensed vehicle.

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Tesla Model S Automobile Accident

First Death Related to Self-Driving Car Happens in a Tesla

The first U.S. fatality while using a self-driving car occurred in May near Gainesville, FL. The driver was behind the wheel of a Tesla S sports car when the automated driving system failed to recognize the side of a tractor trailer and caused the collision. Tesla says that before Autopilot can be used, the driver must acknowledge that the system is an “assist feature” and drivers are told to be prepared to take over at any time.

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disability appeal victory rafael millares

Disability Appeal Victory

Millares Law Wins Another Social Security Disability Case On Appeal.  Our client was in desperate need. Thanks to the tireless work and dedication of attorney Rafael Millares and Millares Law’s legal team our beloved client received a fully favorable ruling from a Federal Magistrate.  Way to go team!

Maritime Accident Boat

Boat Explosion Injures Two Off Key Biscayne

A boat explosion off Key Biscayne this past weekend sent two males to the hospital for treatment after being badly burned. The cause the of maritime accident is still unknown and an investigation is underway. Millares Law wants to remind everyone to use caution while on the water, especially during popular boating weekends like the 4th of July.

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