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Testing For Driving Impairment From Marijuana Use Flawed

Six states that allow marijuana use for either recreational or medicinal purposes employ legal tests to determine if a driver is impaired by the drug while on the road. However according to a study by the nation’s largest automobile club, there is no scientific basis as to how much THC is required to consider someone impaired.

Unlike alcohol, THC levels can remain in the system longer and the presence of THC can vary from person to person. Also simply having THC in your system does not mean that a driver is impaired and a danger to others behind the wheel.

For more on this story please visit the CBS NEWS website.

Product Recalls

Product Recalls By Foster Farms

Foster Farms has recalled more than 220,000 pounds of it’s cooked frozen chicken nuggets this week. The products recalled include Foster Farm’s 5-pound bags and 10-pound bulk boxes of Breast Nuggets. The recall occurring due to possible pieces of blue plastic or black rubber which made its way into some bags during packaging.

To read more on this please visit the WSVN website.

On the job cases

A Wild Chase Involving a Forklift In Doral

On Tuesday night a bizarre chase began after a flatbed hauling a forklift was stolen on NW 83rd Avenue at 27 Street and police tried to pull it over. The truck driver then decided to try and evade police on a chase that went on to the 836 Dolphin Expressway. After taking out a light post, a road sign and palm tree the driver was eventually stopped and arrested.

For more on this story please visit the Miami Herald Website.

Aviation Accidents Millares Law

Single Engine Prop Plane Crash

Just after 3PM today on Monday, April 25th a small prop plane crashed into a residential area after taking off from Pompano Beach Airpark in Broward. Authorities say that two men and one women were on board at the time of crash and they were all taken to the hospital in critical condition. Luckily this aviation accident did not injure anyone else on the ground.

For more information on this story please visit the Miami Herald website.

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