A note from a colleague

This past week committee Chair Rafael Millares attended the latest Traffic Court Rules Committee meeting held in Orlando. This committee meets to discuss existing rules and future amendments regarding Florida traffic laws. After the meeting, our office received some positive feedback about Rafael.



I wanted to let you know that in my 6 years on this committee, I cannot remember a more well organized, well explained, and well run meeting. The way you explained the prior status of rules and votes as well as a brief explanation of the procedures as we went along was super effective and helpful. You also have a way of clarifying arguments and simplifying issues that tend to get complicated and off topic during discussion. You always reigned it in and kept the committee on task.  I feel that in years past, the meetings were often begun as if everyone understood all the issues which was not always the case. To that end, breaking up the rules for detailed review into subcommittee was genius as it allowed all the members to focus on a small chunk and not get overwhelmed by the volume of all the rules.
Thanks so much,



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Uber drivers claim victory after Miami-Dade commission meeting

Uber drivers are claiming victory in Miami-Dade County after a commission meeting today resulted in the withdrawal of a Uber ordinance proposal. If passed the new ordinance would have made it even more difficult for Uber to legally operate in Miami-Dade County by requiring each driver to be registered and carry 24-hour commercial insurance. All the while taxi litigation cases continue to fight against Uber and sue for lost wages.

For more on this visit the WSVN Website.


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Storm wreaks havoc across South Florida

South Florida residents on Sunday woke up to 50 mph gusts of wind and colder weather leaving a busy day of clean up for some. In some neighborhoods, toppled trees caused wind damage to cars, homes and other property. Those affected by the storm should be sure to check with your insurance agent while making a claim to make sure you’re covered.

For more information on this please visit the WSVN website.

Storm damage requires incurance claims in south florida

Storm damage requires incurance claims in south florida


Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Uber

On December 27th, 2015 at 4:45 a.m., Pablo Sanchez Jr tragically lost his life while on the way home in the back of an Uber. Now the family is seeking answers from the driver of the vehicle and Uber technologies, asking why this could have happened and how can they do more to prevent an accident like this happening again.

To read more on this case please go to the WSVN website.

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Open enrollment begins for MDX 2016 cash-back dividend program

Miami-Dade Transit is currently accepting enrollment for drivers looking to save on tolls now through March 31st, 2016.Customers who frequently drive on SR 112/Airport Expressway, SR 836/Dolphin Expressway,SR 874/Don Shula Expressway, SR 878/Snapper Creek Expressway, and SR 924/Gratigny Parkway are eligible to participate.

The program requires customers to register each year, be individuals or a business, be a SunPass customer in good standing, and spend $100 annually in tolls on any of MDX’s five expressways.

For more information on this feel free to visit the WSVN website. You can also sign up for the program by visiting http://www.mdxway.com/cashback before March 31, 2016.

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Elderly man killed by SUV in Miami-Dade

Automobile accidents which take the lives of the people involved are a tragic event. The unfortunate wrongdoing by some can leave others hurt, injured and in the worst cases killed.

Unfortunately yesterday an elderly man was struck by an SUV while crossing the street and resulted in his death. According to Miami-Dade police, the 71-year-old man began to cross a busy street when he was struck and killed by a driver in a SUV. The incident happened along Northwest 81st Street and Seventh Avenue.

For more on the incident please visit the WSVN website.

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Focus on you this New Year

With 2016 under way and New Years resolutions beginning to start getting tough, we suggest making one resolution that is easy to keep! Start focusing on yourself more in 2016!

Taking time out for yourself can help you keep a fresh mind, stay productive and feel better overall. Here 6 tips to take 15 minutes for yourself this new year:

  1. Plan ahead of time
  2. Enjoy your commute
  3. Solo lunches
  4. Delegate some chores
  5. Wake up earlier
  6. Spoil yourself!


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Miami Beach Police hold gift giveaway

Getting pulled over by the police has never sounded so good! Yesterday Miami Beach Police held a gift away by pulling over unsuspecting drivers – however instead of receiving a citation they received a gift!

The police stops occurred along Meridian Avenue and 13th Street to the delight of many surprised drivers.

To read more on this topic please visit the WSVN website.

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