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Trucking Accident Miami Dade

Dump Truck Overturns On The Highway

A South Florida Driver was hospitalized today after his dump truck was overturned on the Florida Turnpike. The truck accident happened in NW Miami-Dade and the driver was airlifted to Jackson categorized as a trauma alert. No word yet from officials as to the cause of the trucking accident.

To read more please visit the WSVN website.

Another WIN for Mr. Millares & His Clients

We were able to appeal this client’s initial denials of Social Security Disability benefits and thanks to the dedication, tenacity and skill of Mr. Millares.

We prevailed in front of a Federal Magistrate.  Disability benefits granted to another beloved client who desperately needs them! Job well done!

Red Light Camera Millares Law

Red Light Cameras Illegal In Unincorporated Miami-Dade

County commissioners recently passed new legislation that strikes down a previous policy regarding red light cameras. The ruling makes it illegal to use and issue tickets with red light cameras in unincorporated Miami-Dade. This new legislation does not affect red light cameras in municipalities like Coral Gables, City of Miami, Miami Beach and more.

To read more on this story please visit the Miami Herald website.

Road Rage Auto Accident

Road Rage Caught On Camera

In Tampa over the long weekend, a road rage incident got ugly when 31 year Robert Paul Vance decided to run over two bikers stopped at a red light. Luckily the bikers were not seriously injured aside from a broken leg and are expected to be OK. Vance was eventually arrested a short time later and has been charged with a hit and run as well as aggravated battery.

To read more on this story please visit CBC Local’s website.

Happy Memorial Day



I, Rafael Millares, unconditionally love the United States of America.

As the son of Cuban Immigrants I will forever be in the debt of this great nation for taking my parents in when they fled the evils of Communism and the Castro Regime (Fidel, Raul and the abhorrent Che Guevara).

This weekend I am especially thankful and proud of all of the courageous service men and women who personify what is best about America.

As we know all too well, freedom is not free and our strongest must constantly battle the evil at our gates, so that the rest of us may live in peace and prosperity.

In the face of such noble grit, heroism, sacrifice and courage, I am supremely humbled and thankful.

May God Bless America Always.

Rafael Millares