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Road Rage Auto Accident

Road Rage Caught On Camera

In Tampa over the long weekend, a road rage incident got ugly when 31 year Robert Paul Vance decided to run over two bikers stopped at a red light. Luckily the bikers were not seriously injured aside from a broken leg and are expected to be OK. Vance was eventually arrested a short time later and has been charged with a hit and run as well as aggravated battery.

To read more on this story please visit CBC Local’s website.

Happy Memorial Day



I, Rafael Millares, unconditionally love the United States of America.

As the son of Cuban Immigrants I will forever be in the debt of this great nation for taking my parents in when they fled the evils of Communism and the Castro Regime (Fidel, Raul and the abhorrent Che Guevara).

This weekend I am especially thankful and proud of all of the courageous service men and women who personify what is best about America.

As we know all too well, freedom is not free and our strongest must constantly battle the evil at our gates, so that the rest of us may live in peace and prosperity.

In the face of such noble grit, heroism, sacrifice and courage, I am supremely humbled and thankful.

May God Bless America Always.

Rafael Millares

A Tour Of Millares Law Offices

Centrally located in South Miami on 87th Avenue between Sunset and Miller Dr, Millares Law offices make it easy on our clients to see us in person. With plenty of free parking you won’t need to stress about finding a meter or getting a ticket.

Testing For Driving Impairment From Marijuana Use Flawed

Six states that allow marijuana use for either recreational or medicinal purposes employ legal tests to determine if a driver is impaired by the drug while on the road. However according to a study by the nation’s largest automobile club, there is no scientific basis as to how much THC is required to consider someone impaired.

Unlike alcohol, THC levels can remain in the system longer and the presence of THC can vary from person to person. Also simply having THC in your system does not mean that a driver is impaired and a danger to others behind the wheel.

For more on this story please visit the CBS NEWS website.

Product Recalls

Product Recalls By Foster Farms

Foster Farms has recalled more than 220,000 pounds of it’s cooked frozen chicken nuggets this week. The products recalled include Foster Farm’s 5-pound bags and 10-pound bulk boxes of Breast Nuggets. The recall occurring due to possible pieces of blue plastic or black rubber which made its way into some bags during packaging.

To read more on this please visit the WSVN website.