Life Insurance Disputes

When it comes to life insurance claims, Millares Law can help make sure you and your loved ones receive all their entitled benefits per the policy requirements. We have extensive experience with the tactics that life insurance companies use to appeal the right to disbursements for the beneficiary.

Some of the common tactics that insurance companies may use to make it more difficult for beneficiaries to receive their payout include; delay tactics, appealing the release of funds, asking for more than the necessary documents, proof of identity beyond a reasonable scope, exclusions and more.

Millares Law knows how to fight back when insurance companies use these methods and we know how to protect the rights of our clients.


Many Insurance Companies Will Cite The Following Exclusions to Avoid Paying:

  • Inaccurate income listed
  • Lapse
  • Missed payments
  • Policy exclusion
  • Failing to disclose medical visit
  • Failing to convert to individual policy
  • Missing information on application
  • Failing to port life insurance coverage
  • Inaccurate weight listed
  • Failing to reinstate
  • Competing beneficiaries
  • Wrong age on application
  • Fired from person’s job
  • Change in person’s job
  • Employer didn’t forward records
  • Criminal history discovered
  • Suicide exclusion
  • Self-inflicted injury exclusion
  • Prescription drug exclusion
  • Use of alcohol exclusion
  • Sickness exclusion
  • Illegal drug exclusion
  • Felony exclusion
  • Foreign country fatality
  • Medical treatment

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