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Our team at Millares Law is equipt to handle Real Estate Law of all types. Within the purchasing and selling of a home there are several legal matters which must be addressed. Seeking counsel representation can ensure that matters such as taxes and the purchase or sale of a home is handled in good faith. We are here to cross all the T’s and dot all your i’s within your title and deed. By enlisting appropriate counsel to handle your deed provides assurance that you are getting what you are paying for.

When it comes to selling property one must also seek valuable counsel. Adhering to codes and going through inspections requires investigation as to what you are responsible for as a seller. While not always necessary to have an attorney on your side when purchasing or selling property it is important to consult with an attorney in order to make an informed decision. Hiring Millares Law, with its experience in Real Estate Law will assure you that your real estate ventures are processed in a legal manner and offer maximum results.

Our extensive list of expertise

      • Land Acquisition
      • Title Insurance Financing
      • Environmental
      • Residential Property
      • Commercial Property
      • Leasing
      • And Much More!

Experience Matters

Millares Law has over 15 years of litigation experience. We have fought and received the best possible outcomes for our clients. Give us a call today!

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