Jimenez Vs. Yellow Cab

Elderly woman was walking across 8th street when she was hit by a yellow cab. After years of litigation, we were victorious at trial despite Yellow Cab putting up an aggressive defense.

Auto Accident

Auto Accident caused by a driver who negligently exited the express lane on I-95 and caused MQ’s client to swerve, lose control of his own car and hitting another vehicle leading to serious injuries. The negligent driver’s insurance company initially offered $30,000 but because of the work that MQ did over 2 years of challenging litigation, the insurance company ended up settling for $1,500,000.00 two weeks before trial.*

Policy limits

Thanks to Mr. Millares’ legal skills and tenacity, we were able to settle this case for policy limits. Another Happy Client!**

Debesa vs. Coral Way Shopping Center

Trip and fall accident due to negligent maintenance of the parking lot/sidewalk. The shopping center never fixed a dangerous condition that it knew or should have known existed. MQ’s client fell and suffered injuries. Photos of the dangerous condition were taken and where then challenged by the shopping center, who took their own pictures from a different angle. They argued that no dangerous condition existed. MQ hired photography experts to analyze the photos and that proved to be pivotal. The shopping center settled for $200,000.00 a week after mediation.*

A win for Rafael Millares and his clients in a Disability case

Disability Appeal Victory

Millares Law Wins Another Social Security Disability Case On Appeal. Our client was in desperate need. Thanks to the tireless work and dedication of attorney Rafael Millares and Millares Law’s legal team our beloved client received a fully favorable ruling from a Federal Magistrate. Way to go team! **

Client vs. A School (confidential settlement)

Client was a beautiful three year old high-functioning autistic girl who died because she drowned (choked/aspirated) in her own vomit during nap time at the school. Her tragic death could have been avoided had her teacher had not negligently left the children in her care unattended during nap time. This case settled for over $800,000.00.*

John Doe (A Minor) vs. The Junior Marlins Neighborhood Sports Association

Young child suffers a serious head injury at baseball practice that leads to long-lasting physical and mental cognitive deficiencies. The baseball helmet that he was provided by the team had no protective foam (because of its age the foam had worn away) in it and he got beaned by a baseball thrown at high velocity by a negligent coach who had received no training before taking the field. (The child was hospitalized and had to endure brain surgery in order to survive the accident) The team also failed to provide safe practice facilities for the children so they were forced to hold practice on a shared field, which contributed to the likelihood that negligence like this would occur. MQ was able to establish three theories of legal liability against the league… (1) Defective helmets, (2) Failure to provide proper training to their coaches and assistant coaches and (3) Failure to provide proper practice facilities to its teams. Thanks to skilled legal work and the money that was spent on forensic experts, the insurance company tendered policy limits of $1,000,000.00 quickly and without MQ having to file suit. MQ was able to establish a guardianship for the child and he is now attending a special school and showing improvement.*

Auto Accident Policy Limits

A mother and daughter were injured in an auto accident. Mr. Millares was able to negotiate a settlement of policy limits in both cases. **

Another Victory For Rafael Millares

Broken Sternum Accident Case Settled for Policy Limits

Our Client’s sternum was fractured as a result of another driver’s negligence. Attorney Rafael Millares negotiated aggressively and was able to obtain policy limits. Our client is thrilled. **

Client vs. A Local Restaurant (confidential settlement)

Food poisoning case. Client ate chicken from the restaurant and became seriously ill. After some investigation it became apparent that the restaurant was not routinely replacing its cutting boards, as it is supposed to do. The indentations that are left on the cutting board by the knives can trap bacteria over time, despite repeated cleaning. The restaurant had been cited for this same issue in the past. The restaurant settled for $50,000.00.*

USPS Accident Settlement

Postman Crash Case Settled With The USPS

Our client was injured in an auto accident when a postman drove erratically and crashed into his car. After some lengthy negotiations we were able to settle the case with the United States Post Office for $30,000. Our client is thrilled. **


Disability Case

We were able to appeal this client’s initial denials of Social Security Disability benefits and thanks to the dedication, tenacity and skill of Mr. Millares.We prevailed in front of a Federal Magistrate.  Disability benefits granted to another beloved client who needed the help. Job well done!**

Medina vs. Barcelo Resort-Dominican Republic

Slip and Fall accident caused by negligence. Client and his wife checked into the hotel and were shown to their room. Client immediately noticed that the floor in the room was wet and that the room had an air conditioning problem. He asked to be moved to another room but the hotel said there were no other rooms available. They assured him that the problem would get fixed. It was not fixed and as a result, the next day the client slipped on the room’s wet floor and suffered serious head trauma. Thanks to Mq’s efforts the hotel’s insurance company settled the case quickly for $250,000.00.*

Another Auto Accident Client Is Happy

Auto Accident Injury Case Settled-Another Happy Client!

A successful settlement was reached regarding an auto accident case resulting in payment for injuries. Great job Rafael! **

Winn Dixie slip and fall case

An object (transitory foreign object) was left on the floor that caused the client to fall and suffer injuries. Thanks to the Supreme Court case Owens vs. Publix, which was later codified into law as Florida Statute 768.0755, super markets can more easily be held liable if a transitory foreign object in their store causes injuries. The original offer was $15,000 and the case ultimately settled for $200,000.00 thanks to skilled and aggressive lawyering.*

Baseball Injury

Young baseball player was injured at a private school due to the negligence of two coaches. The coaches lined up the players improperly during throwing drills by not leaving enough space between throwing pairs. This was confirmed by baseball expert Dr. Leonard K. Lucenko who helped write the rules for major league baseball. He was hired to review the facts of this case. As a result of this negligence, the boy suffered permanent loss of sight in one eye. The case settled for $250,000.00.*

* Case was handled by attorney Mario Quintero Jr.
** Case was handled by attorney Rafael E. Millares